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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 3/Question#50 (reveal difficulty score)
39 yo man, 6 months of headache, muscle ...
Basophilic stippling ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—strugglebus(187),
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submitted by โˆ—cassdawg(1749),
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So I eaht iths ountseiq asceueb uoy acn ownk twha het ioandgsis si nda slitl sims .ti

LR:;DT sThi is eadl ioinio,psgn os three is icipolbsah plpitgsin ni a pirhreeapl odolb rsmea [UTB rdnige bdtlrissoase wduol alos be fodnu ni het bone rwmor]a

yWh hits is edla pnigno:iso (FA2002 254p)

  • ytMrccicio eaAimn cedsau( by edal iotihbinni of ofrraeeleethsc dan ALA )hsdetaardey
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  • eAur sord - titishcecrcraa of ectua eomyloeugsn lmeaeiuk ihchw luwdo restnep whit pacptyaoisnen hi(s sBCW ear no)arml anlog thwi irgualtnicc btsolsmelya on hpeearpilr amse;r mniade age onste 56 saery and eh ahs no skri tocfars
  • Oavl Msctryaceo - in rmctycacio aasimne B12( or olfeta iye)deccfn,i sith is oictcmryci sa edindiatc yb MVC
  • iplroPcmhoe hmosytlepcy - rccou ni iccornh opctycmyhil ukmalseei adn noeictisfu mon,o hbto whchi have rdifeeftn egtltysmpomoioso
  • deiRgn letsaibsrsdo - ear mfro lade noipinogs tub rea in hte bone arormw
  • toctseSsyci - atcicrishcrate BRC hhicw ash eenb hgtrhou a lgegodc lvsees and aeredhs ff,o ofndu in acptirghmoaiocin hmeoclity ainesam MH(AA)s liek tohmcoitrb hgopmicrotsiaaine kiel TTP dna SUH i(cyyllatp octnoiyrcm neaami dan fitnerdef taornep;sitne a qstenuoi lwodu iklyle gvei oyu rmoe ionf on hte lbtmrcyiotoh yapwtha fi teyh edtnwa oyu to ooshce hts;i ew n'ditd evne etg a aleetltp utonc )eher
  • egTatr :sllCe fuodn in bCH isadees imguc(tla diac to ilynse in ,hmlnbegooi assecu aevsrcxlrutaa ho,i)slysem lievr e,aidsse lnpsaia,e nad aTlhsmesiaa eslitdeno( ni reeiht ahpla or ateb cnhia of iagobem,lnh usecas amniae htat wloud eb enrstpe rmfo hochiodld adn duwlo ton heva nreou syomtmp)s
ftr_dr_bowowers  kahnt uoy! +3  
chaosawaits  just tkea my pvtueo ouy ibutuleaf tcson!ifobah +  
chaosawaits  oS fi RCF eesdsca,er CLT ecsaeresd sa ,lewl wchih slure uto .E +  
chaosawaits  Aobev eomctnm nto atedler ot this uisqnteo +  

submitted by dragondeeznutz(0),
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wlle taths' nngaiony FA I ntd'id vnee ees hpsoaiiBlc tSilnpgpi cb I saw iefidtssa whit rsieabdsstol ofr ldae iopionngs

lovebug  .apY dm.aaneS I lsao wsa ihst type ieonuQst in UW b.foere Bt u I seidsm aaign ni BME.N os das (: +  

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