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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 0/Question#0 (reveal difficulty score)
76-year-old-man...severe substernal chest ...
Coronary vasospasm due to alpha1-adrenergic stimulation ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—sugaplum(473),
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AF 9210 gP 373
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submitted by โˆ—peteandplop(40),
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prolific_pygophilic  ^noetmCm of htey year +2  
chaosawaits  hoW esel otg a eltitl ictedstrda by eth tacgri yotrs fo whaticgn uoyr troherb veha a ehtra tcakat acbeseu fo na tngumera yuo erwe avnigh hitw hmi and nthe ahd to sreuofc to etg hsit tuensoiq? +  
an1  'odtwlnu ycoarnro asaovmssp reefr to elaztpirnm an?gain cna omneeos go roev hte hetor sptio?no +  
neurotic999  hTe yaw I pacdraphoe it ,asw escni eyht acfyielcslpi kdase aoutb eth eolr atth hte uemtangr pladey ni plvgoednei teh st,ymspom ti medees sa uohtgh yhet erew gitnpoin ni eth riindeotc of apassmosv artrhe nhta na lcucieosv aesuc kiel hrl,oeotmaibe erupdurt leapq,u .cet oS I edolko at het pnostoi hiwt atht in .dimn eSmo fo teh oosnitp rwee blyattanl wsrams nas-:gvpoo /td tbea t(abe si ceiyovsola-ndi )tersdara aflrotade t/d ebta ebat( 2 wolud usaec oosndit,avail encgasdeir .eodarlaft tabe 1 ulowd cernesia hr but I t'don hitkn it elona si eoghnu to nracseei gnevr)itode-eftla aa rrochontoyp dt/ hpaal aht(t wlduo be a btea teeo-ilv kbcspir)o oiyropnt td/ b2 tta(h wuldo eb aetb 1, tno 2)heT eon I nsa'tw seru boatu saw sderecdea lpordae /dt pahal1 I was nhitnkig csedareed ,aredolp ehnce eesceradd oodlb ni het ornyacor it.rnuocliac Btu ti idd'tn eems nningivcoc hoenug to aecus an I.M uslP not uesr fi haalp isiuntamlto ecsrsdeae rloaedp ot ngbie .with +  
neurotic999  fI hte TS atonlivee rtpa fo ti sorthw you ffo, 9A120F 013 syas antzpeirlm iaagnn sha tniasnert TS eloti.vnae +1  

submitted by โˆ—unknown001(7),
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my ceteerpsivp ;

nuteagmre eadl ot na idrenaealn eph(pni)iern rhsu wihch wnet shritgta ot eth lod sman' nrseacoiro dna ueeszedq teh tsih uot of mhte

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