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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 1/Question#35 (reveal difficulty score)
5 yo boy, R eye pain for 1 week; retinal exam ...
Retinal cells 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by drdoom(1175),
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shTi si an rneiinsetgt no.e I eilk ot eemrerbm ti sith yw:a ni ploeep ihtw s,acyorpnle lla eht gr“tih kin”ds fo psele rea ninephgpa ta lla het onw“rg mest”i fo .day nDrgui hte a,dy ehnw a owper apn wluod taylclpyi wrtho you idtmyelimea noit R,EM hsti dik is ynol rinteegn tSgae 1 or 2 t(geistlh epsle = isetslhgt ssoein raj mih kcba ot l.eia)yrt At ngth,i hwen he ohsdlu fuleycaelp frtdi ntoi gatSe ,1 2, adn os no, eh istedna eecoympltl kosnz tuo. saisCcl nleacop.syr

romF aoeDTtUp: ec“raloypNs nca eb cpuoeacdlzietn as a rrodeisd fo ewelakps-e ornclto in hwcih eeltsnem fo elpse dutiner tion knlswusfeae adn smeeetnl of snleskefuaw tienrdu niot s”lee.p

submitted by aliyah(49),
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If a mgre llce or mtisoca lecl adh eth ogarlini man,ttoiu etnh ert'esh na risadceen sikr rfo acnrec ni trhoe trpas fo het obdy foI .ot loyn ineltar sellc in noe eye is mdeutt,a noly thta noe eye si at rksi for r.nacec

submitted by doofusmd(5),
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hTsi is hawt si nownk sa a tcsaiom numaoitt: a otnutmai atth ocucsr ni onl-iengemnr elcls and, eetohr,ref lnyo tfecfes dgheautr slcel iveddre ofrm het neptra ellc ithw the iaum.ttno So, a nuitatom cdcouerr ni a eitedaifdrentf tranpe lcle tath vega eirs to a ste of aeudgtrh clsle wch,ih( in ihst esac, rewe sitended to ebcmeo ianeltr is.suet)

submitted by drjo(9),
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no lamify ytrshio of slepiaaon nda allarniute pnoaeslm tgsssegu aropsicd rofm of oottisaabrelnm s(v gnrleemi mflii(laa) ormf cwihh si seidastcoa twhi labiletar obmrettainaslo nad tmsoaecaoosr

ni het idarpsco romf moiuttna occrsu at het seti (etnilra eslcl) sv ngrlimee lali(fa)im mfor anutiotm occusr in grem selcl

chaosawaits  eorCrct em if 'Im nrowg but sn'ti C sao"tmic lslec of eht ichdl" losa r?eocctr +  
pakimd  ti si but it si nto ieic.pscf ti cuold nmae any tocsami llce of eht body fo hte hlicd nad can fehreerto ftefca hoert tsrap fo eht d.oyb +  

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