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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 1/Question#35 (reveal difficulty score)
5 yo boy, R eye pain for 1 week; retinal exam ...
Retinal cells 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by drdoom(1045),
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hiTs is an tresiietnng noe. I keil ot rbremmee ti isht :ayw in lopeep ithw pcleor,ysan lal eht gi“thr ni”sdk of elpse ear niphgaenp at lal eth w“ongr ”eimts of .day griDnu hte ady, hnew a eowrp apn uodwl pycillayt thrwo uoy deilyetimam iotn REM, tshi idk si loyn regniten gtSae 1 ro 2 (eghiltst sepel = gssetthli eiossn jra hmi cbak ot ayetlr.i) At igt,nh nhwe he oshlud elucylefap drfit iont teagS ,1 ,2 dna os on, eh eandsti mteclpyelo kozns .uot sicalsC yroeac.lnsp

morF tTaUepoD: lyrs“Noaecp nca be cndztoecupelia as a derrdois of -slewpeeak tloornc ni chiwh enelsmet of peels induter tino kessuenawlf dan nstmeeel fo alksfunewse tirdenu toin sp.e”le

submitted by aliyah(41),
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fI a rgem elcl or csomtai ellc adh eht gniriloa niumtota, nhte 'seehrt an drseeanic iskr rfo arcnce in oreht psrat fo teh oydb t.ofIo ylno ietrlna ecsll ni noe eey is et,datum ynol hatt neo eye is at rksi rof cncra.e

submitted by doofusmd(5),
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Tsih is htwa si knonw sa a iomsact imutnato: a imtuatno atth suorcc ni iee-lnnmongr cells a,dn efehtorer, lnoy efesctf taderguh escll reviedd mrfo hte reaptn ellc ithw eht S,o a uomttian ocecrudr ni a iafdendtritfee raentp lecl htta egva eisr ot a ste of dturaheg lcsel hh,(cwi in siht ,caes wree edniedts to mcoebe eranitl .usesi)t

submitted by drjo(8),
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on fmayli oriytsh fo neloiaspa nad eruatnilla slpamneo stguesgs oaircdsp rfom of aobtniamreotls s(v nreiglem iim(a)allf mrof wchih si cedtasiosa with rlataelib osamtntbraleoi nad soceomsorata

ni hte coisrpda ofmr aotnmuit rsoucc at the iets (etlarin clles) vs mnirglee (a)lmiafil rmfo tinutoma ocsucr ni ergm elslc

chaosawaits  Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't C "somatic cells of the child" also correct? +  
pakimd  it is but it is not specific. it could mean any somatic cell of the body of the child and can therefore affect other parts of the body. +  

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