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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 3/Question#41 (reveal difficulty score)
41 yo woman, 34 weeks gestation; ...
Decreased functional residual capacity ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—strugglebus(187),
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submitted by โˆ—cassdawg(1751),
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;TDRL: rntfatsauc seerdcsea unlg liecor, so teh clak fo carutsnfat in sith bbay wlil auces an sdacriene iercol cwhhi illw eseedcra teh coiauftnln areidlus iycpatac (AF 2002 66-662p)1

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geekymle  eyh !ay ahntsk ofr eht pnenal,ioxta btu i'm lilts ton blae to sntedduarn wyh sdecdreea lnnfuocati ilusdear a.icatcpy +2  
cassdawg  toN ures if siht llwi ephl but ohatenr yaw of gnnhkiit of ihst si ttah it si asimrli ot romuanlpy iosisrfb whit cdreeeasd nimepolacc eialndg to rweol itfunlcnao saludrei caac!yitp hTe ylno nfeicfdree is eehr uoy taneir ltota lgun pacicaty ascbeue it is a b"sverlr"eie clpainocme esius vi(eg thme nfsutt)aacr dan the snlug tesvlemhse ear otn eht u.isse ,oAls elik uyo dias in ouyr o,tcnemm nsgul wn'to epon up os three is a elwro nsrtiagt ontip fro nigtreah,b nda suth a wreol atncfnulio raseludi ticacyap vmule(o flet ni eht snugl featr anmrlo xpntriiea).o +4  
chaosawaits  So if FRC sdeesreac, TLC earedssce sa l,wle cihwh leurs tuo E +1  

submitted by geekymle(11),
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nafSutactr ccyfniidee โ†’ no riouedtnc of aeloavrl cerfsau inetson โ†’ ercdued lmaropuny inldgnouf โ†’ ulngs nwto npoe up โ†’ ecdeesrad unlg clcoinmaep dna ltnnaoufci erlsaidu aiyactcp โ†’ mxoyiphae adn capyanehrip

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submitted by step12395(0),
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uocld esoomne plseae inlaxpe hyw inrcdesea tiatcs lugn aeonmcclip si gnorw

an_improved_me  Iasncreed pocalcnime dietacsin na secieanrd ilbyati to maatiinn a eatnric omulve at rlwoe rpuss.seer nI ehtor rw,osd ta beuiuqlmiir asitt,)(c eth lgnu can ldoh uolvme ta wrloe ssrue.pesr shiT si teh tpiesoip of tahw luowd hepapn fi ihpiocsgoly eesllv of aacftsurnt aonctn be cdde,pruo censi sacilte eriocl seog pu co(nlicaemp egos d.o)nw In isth e,csa eantirc vmleuso of ilfud udlow rposnoderc to heghri rsssrepeu. +2  

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