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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 1/Question#17 (reveal difficulty score)
29 yo man with untreated HIV infection; what ...
CD8+ T lymphocyte–mediated killing 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by monoloco(153),
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isTh is endrictily ksniag buoat kepa nobe nyetisd. tahT owhel nhitg ouatb hbiit-rgngaeew ee,sicresx anietg hi,grt daya ,yaad efrbeo adn rinudg atht wes-oondlp haesp fo feli for eonb tn.yesdi lAl uoabt gurinced ttha 1% epr raye etleagd-aer bneo yneistd sslo as estb as ew eLvle fo ytvaciti is rlpeeicys klie -eahwgintrgieb xeies.erc snrid(oeC: no atcviiyt, eindddr-be -- ays eyoodgb to oryu oen;sb gilhhy ac,tiev rnus eeyvr etorh ady -- dogo motuan fo gi-teeiwgnrabh / erstss to enucid relogednim dna ntmaaiin ttyrngeii of het ).bonse

submitted by aliyah(49),
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tAfer the C+4D ecsll oceemb tednc,ief het 8CD+ elcsl illk t.emh

cbreland  maSe fro teh camgeoaphsr and cedrnitid eclsl atht duowl eb cftedne.i lrlncueraItal potanghe ttah odluw dnee ot veah C8D T ellc atidemed htade +2  
vetafig692  tAfre het 4+CD cells ocmebe nceed,tfi teh C8D+ slecl illk +1  

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