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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 2/Question#16 (reveal difficulty score)
40 yo woman, chorionic villus sampling
Confined placental mosaicism ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—beeip(141),
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iLver lskoo pyrett razod-nsmlei to me. icP ehre rof aioromsncp

submitted by โˆ—ajguard26(55),
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ooirCihcn villi aniglmsp si eth tiakng fo cetngei mrelitaa tnhiwi in the cihrconio ilivl of het pea.atcln onihCrico lniagspm is nedo nwhe a itpntae si at high skir for lrohsacomom eianbistmralo roeui(svp .pos ttess, 5y3o or r,loed ymaifl x.)h nrigud teh 0-311 eskwe fo gnypraec.n

dCofinne lnaeptacl ioaicmmss etussrl wenh teh S...VC sigettn cmseo akbc akcb nsiogwh a tyor,ims btu all nusqutebse gsietnt (nda eth ufest i)ftsle heva mrnlao olmrhmcoosa ustnc.o iTsh yma be ued ot tihree a tlisbratohcpo oitu,tanm ro yb ci"iosrtm crseeu," ni cihwh comitris slcel taht weer spopdeus ot eb in the uefts aer fdninoec to eth atcpalne to eevtrnp na oramlanb .sfetu

cbay0509  ahtnk yuo +  
shakakaka  yWh I'st nra.auelebd. +4  
randi  uofturantnely you vhae ot vahe an utocacn to cbnrlusame somt snpsreeso +  
chaosawaits  Wow, a +16 eseonprs y(rlare ese ho)est tath ew ac'tn .dear.. LMF +2  

submitted by โˆ—chaosawaits(87),
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I uwdlo voel to okwn hte ertu sodd ttha rehte tespeaar spmelsa fo hte hiccirnoo vsluli are edam nad aceh 3 are cmlpleyeot dslatoie npsgteoey and onen rea a teuxmri of to.hb solA, d'I keil to onkw ohw tonfe a otylaarrbo oerrr .si If annyeo ahs htat adt,a I olwud lvoe ot ese i.t

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