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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 3/Question#39 (reveal difficulty score)
45 yo man, lost outdoors in the Rocky ...
Kidney πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—strugglebus(177),
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I had tup hr"etcss"a /bc tsp taht ogdrneu raibtacri grruyes rea yoln puopsdes ot eta xlcepom csrba utlits)vbseee(ag/fr and diavo piemsl crabs .(e.i bsaeatfkr eeracdlkea/b osod)g

submitted by wherearetheanswers(14),
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ehT nkeyisd eamk ogucesl to?o 6 eaysr of ntisdguy scneeic dna on eon neotmsin teh

submitted by βˆ—peteandplop(38),
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ihWel otn ytldaoiniartl ,suddcises hte 'dsikney obsnorntiicut ot taiiinnamng sleucog imosesohats rae iastngicifn nda lduecin schu stncfnoui as rleesae fo lesgcuo tnoi eth tauilcocinr avi ooen,iucegsengls tkpaeu fo oulegcs form teh rcacitoulni ot assiyft rtieh grynee sd,een nad oapsrenriobt of uoclsge ta eth eelvl of teh rmixopla ueu.ltb

A1F029 p78 - eGsi[osc]ugnolen ocscru yrmlriipa in the lvi;er ssvree to maanitni myegaclieu rgindu fnia.tsg meynEsz lsoa nfudo in nkeidy, nsitatilen

... sesme ilke a siyll hnigt ot st..te. shursg usrelodhs ghlaus ni EBNM

shieldmaiden  especially silly since they also list the small and the large intestine +1  

submitted by βˆ—ilikedmyfirstusername(18),
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Dtnid' nokw iths eireh,t tbu hgtuhot obaut owh teh veirl dan niyekd aer gaedrnle in onV eGreki esadies

submitted by βˆ—j44n(120),
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I idcepk teh aeanrdl snldag bacuees iolrotcs ash a serespvmii eeftfc no bodol srupseer dna nuelogco

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