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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 3/Question#5 (reveal difficulty score)
30 yo woman, 1 week of visual difficulty
Right optic nerve πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳
tags: RAPD 

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submitted by βˆ—cantaloupe5(85),
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submitted by βˆ—aliyah(41),
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icedcoffeeislyfe  APD--> swinging flashlight test, light in the AFFECTED eye will result in dilation of both pupils inappropriately +1  
cbay0509  thank you +  
nbme_123  Can someone please explain why it cant be the Right Edinger Westphal nucleus? +1  
chaosawaits  But if right optic nerve doesn't work, why does it dilate normally in the dark to 6 mm? +1  
pakimd  @nbme_123 im not sure if im correct but i think the reason why right edinger westphal nucleus is not the correct answer is because the left edinger westphal nucleus sends one axon to the right edinger westphal nucleus and one to right pretectal nucleus so that way damage to right edinger westphal will still result in relaying of efferent innervation to the right eye +  

submitted by danitex(1),
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curasM nunG u.Pilp FA 2200 gpa eam5a .gD39 of gilth ialngs ude to djeiurn optci .enerv

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