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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 4/Question#35 (reveal difficulty score)
52 yo woman, right-dominant coronary ...
left ventricle πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—amy(3),
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josefk  So, the fact the they're saying its a right dominant to me is a way to throw you off as it does not change what the LCX artery is supplying just where its coming from. +  
covidclassof2022  Yes, i think so. When they say "pt has right dominant coronary circulation" its more of extra info you dont need to answer the question. Whether the pt has Left or Right Dominant Circulation, the LCX in the question should supply the left ventricle. I had to look this up too. To clarify: Left dominant: Posterior interventricular (descending) C.A comes off the circumflex (10% of people) Right dominant: Posterior interventricular (descending) C.A comes off the right coronary artery (70% of people, more common, just like the patient in the stem) Either way, the question asked about the LCX... which supplies the left ventricle. +1  
drdoom  ^ voted best username +1  
covidclassof2022  Thank you. This is the second dedicated study period Ive had this year. In March we got notice that our test would be cancelled, 1 week before. I take pride in this suffering. :') +  

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