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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 0/Question#0 (reveal difficulty score)
80 year old shortness of ...
Induces a vitamin K deficiency-like state 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳
tags: moa clotting 

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submitted by sugaplum(426),
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FA 0192 Pg 012
nccp eosilory acsues srentypiehno nad hpoyoctixnerti

submitted by peteandplop(38),
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heT voaeb is trcocre in etsmr of oAM, eoewvrh I vbeieel the stme essatt ti si TP rr)mnbhito(op trn,ongipoaol not PTT riPaat(l hsiaotornT)mbpl. I did ont have nya idea whta rcludoiam ..asw tub hree was ym giclo:

  1. aitPnte dha tacrio lveav e,lnetmeaprc seh's 80, bbpolyra utp no an aniagotuca-ntl
  2. I knwo ranfrWai is sdlo uednr eth rabnd eman onmiauCd
  3. eRmdni eysrfolu atht nriaWf swa dcrviodees in 9712 ,,)7,0291( and tisibnih Vti K pneedtdne cglttoni otafcsr tiv( K eicl-fyinekcdie state)
  4. rneuPonco eth udgr nto ni FA sa aoi,lUdCOMr nda you allhs youephllf nwo onwk ti also isinhibt ieopdxe eardtes,uc adn deoups sgues ruyo ayw to cvityro.
rina  Yes it was PT! Personally I forgot that PT detects changes in I, II (thrombin), V, VII, & X. Vit. K affects II (thrombin), VII, IX & X so there is significant overlap. +  

submitted by jp1003(11),
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oclaumDir is a iteovcmeitp oibhriint fo naitvim K xeepdio uedr.stcea

rO epscros of itnloniemia gnisu eowenlkdg of creneais TTP tiem: gnotmiseh rowgn wtih 1,2 11, ,9 .8

submitted by jer040512(12),
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rfo eplontcoim saek; amuDcilor si an -eetapodexsuercid htbniiiro like nfrrwaai and tjus liek henw uoy eus awfrirna eth rfist itglocnt ftroca to go is evesn cnies ti sha eth esotsrth ih-fflea.l trcFoa esven is arpt fo het rietnxsci whtyapa adn orefrtehe will aevh a noolrpg uroy .TP

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