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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 4/Question#45 (reveal difficulty score)
During an experiment, an investigator ...
NMDA receptors are blocked by Mg2+ at the resting membrane potential πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳
tags: neuro magnesium pharm 

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submitted by gribear(0),
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submitted by βˆ—niboonsh(382),
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d_holles  Amazing video dude. Somehow never learned this in neuro lol. +7  
aag  Awesome video! Is this why you can give Mg2+ to eclampsia patients, because if so, mind goddamn blown. +3  

submitted by βˆ—cantaloupe5(85),
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ihsT oen was itrkcy ubt I nhikt yuo evdulo’c dnoe tihs noe woithut dkngeeolw fo NAMD epecr.tors tmeS tldo yuo that ettaaulgm tcvataeis hobt nMDAn-oN adn ADMN ererpsoct utb it tvctaeida nylo DMAnNn-o eopscertr ni teh lraey ae.sph aTth mneas ADNM ocsepetrr vcttaiea featr onN-MnDA se.torcper Ttha eanms gtohsmnie wsa deygnlia NDAM eeorrcpt tiicnatvga nda eht lnoy awrsen ahtt edam eesns sa eht Mg hbntgniiii DAMN ta igrtnse etpiolnta. Once hte llce is erpizdedlao by -NnMDAon eretosprc, ADNM rereocspt nca eb dvia.tacet

hungrybox  I forgot/didn't know this factoid and narrowed it to the correct answer and a wrong answer. Guess which one I chose? +15  
yotsubato  >That means something was delaying NMDA receptor activating and the only answer that made sense as the Mg inhibiting NMDA at resting potential. What makes the fasting gating kinetics choice incorrect then? +5  
imgdoc  NMDA receptors are both voltage gated and ligand gated channels. Glutamate and aspartate are endogenous ligands for this receptor. Binding of one of the ligands is required to open the channel thus it exhibits characteristics of a ligand channel. If Em (membrane potential) is more negative than -70 mV, binding of the ligand does NOT open the channel (Mg2+ block on the NMDA receptor). IF Em is less negative than -70 mV binding of the ligand opens the channel (even though no Mg2+ block at this Em, channel will not open without ligand binding. Out of the answer choices only NMDA receptors blocked by Mg2+ makes sense. Hope this helps. +6  
divya  sweet explanation imgdoc +  
lovebug  really~~~ sweet. thankyou :) +  

submitted by βˆ—sweetmed(150),
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At etrigns braemenm tilepnoat eth NMDA cpetrerso are oebcdkl yb 2.M+g eTh vlotaeg epedtdnen g+2M lcbko si eerdlive oupn tndriopaiaoelz fo hte t-opitsnapcys rmnemeab . The adglin tdedepenn acotinvtia fo eht DAMN toerecrp iureeqrs itotinaao-cvc by wto la,gsndi lnymae ealagumtt nda nlie.gyc

submitted by βˆ—okokok1(29),
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AF: ;2020 pg 282

submitted by vlodkadrinker(7),
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dno't oetrgf tbuoa eht Mg b!kocl . . . . . .

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