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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#31 (reveal difficulty score)
A 28-year-old woman at 18 weeks' gestation ...
Free T4 ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—wired-in(80),
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eeaMntcinan soed urfmola is C(ss ร— lC ร— ut)a รท F

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(21 = /mgLu ร— 1 01gm/00 gu) ร— .90(0 gLh/k/r ร— 0010 1Lm/ L ร— 42 /h1r )ayd
= 252.9 /gy/akgmd

w.h..hic st'ni yan of the esanrw shicoec iesdl.t Tyhe utsm vaeh dedorun .009 /khLg/r to 01. hgk/Lr,/ dna ondig os evsig aetyxcl 2.88 /y/ggamkd hio(cce )C

submitted by โˆ—assoplasty(107),
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I iknht hte tpcocen ehryetโ€™ getitns si the ideacersn GBT eelvsl in er,cpgnany dan ton ustj thridirmeshoypy in l.eaengr

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heT qnieostu is iknasg how ot fcrnmoi dsytiyhmerphoir in a ntnpgrae nmaow -&t;g- oyu ende to chcke RFEE 4T levsle ebsce(au thye lsuodh be ormlna due ot scyeaoptnrom ero.n)ssep ouY anntco ckceh HST uulas(yl vledeeta ni nngcypare to ecnpoesatm rof ceairends ,TB)G dan uoy coatnn ekcch attol T4 slevle wl(li be .e)rndaesic ouY got eth serwna hrgti teheir awy tbu I hkint this is a fitfredne osnneairg whort iocnisnrdg,e auecseb etyh nca sak htsi etconpc in oterh soettnxc of syogtepsmreir-,ehn dna if etyh tsdile Hโ€โ€œST as an rewasn coheci ahtt dolwu be ori.tcecrn

hungrybox  rxlyemtEe ogrutohh srnwea yolh hsti khtna u os muhc I ehop uoy CAE tpeS 1 +9  
arkmoses  aterg wsnera ,syaoastpsl I remmereb oanljg atnilkg oatub shit in ihs odne luecret (ddeus a fppiinl legdne hyol t)shi btu ti aidkn ewfl vero my !hdea kasnth fro eth ebrak own!d +3  
whoissaad  oyu eanm tloat oatnmu fo T4 is to"n dnnc g2h"de?a praa stla c.teensne +1  
ratadecalle  d@whaoas,si ni a alrmno racgenpny atolt T4 si a,icneresd but het fere 4T ilwl be malrno dna etrs of 4T donbu ot .GBT fI entapit is thdype,yohrri ttoal T4 uodwl iltls eb eadnrseci but the rfee T4 wduol now eb nireedcsa sa l.wel +3  
maxillarythirdmolar  oT ktae it a pste ,fterrhu jolGna timsonne ttha heret rea a ymradi fo shtgin uaringcctli in hte ,doby tnefo in a 2:1 oirta of reuof:dn,be so in stesta elik hsit uyo coldu laclutay see nptsoruiid of itsh oairt sa the yobd amatisnin its evlle of free noeohmr ubt hrtfure rcisesnae tsi leelv fo udobn noemrh.o lojaGn alos entnsimo taht ou'yd see het stpepooi tfecfe ni eht censerpe fo roitdsse and ehpnocirt emrons.yds oS ouy ocudl ees deesacder loatt T4 tbu amrlno efer 4T sebeacu eth uobnd tsnouam og nw.od +2  
lovebug  nAmigaz ewn!sra HXT +1  
an_improved_me  tusJ to :dda racgPnyne si nto na itxenpeoc ot gnsiu STH in dcsetspeu tyhirepordhy npnarget antseipt ot(n eurs ni )ty;rdyhphioo uoy wudlo sillt teg a SHT tsfir, nda if tsi uaylusnul ol,w ouy udwlo hetn edrpoec ot armeues T4 e(,rfe a,ltot) and so .on -Ho#imrsa4/pppmuwhouei?dc&hed2ccyeses9nrgsm.&iimu;ai=Ttaymccnse-ise&au_snalgian4hmnig2hatg-l/ittr0ed_ara50ascr9orne_tocie-caeo2r-yp%n;hpc=gnsi/=e&-e9simdfht~dfa=rarsruyin1u/pcestel9ntesosypatsku-nncoaotphttyee;ep%rdped2dn0i;wldy=tal.paawylm:srtltpasn +1  

submitted by โˆ—unknown001(7),
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fi eht omsotnmce acuse fo itrpdyshemihory ni eargcnpny si aesrvg d.x, ehtn hyw tnca teh IRDYTOH NAESIIDTBO.

lsp lhpe

submitted by โˆ—cantaloupe5(87),
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yHdshpoptymrehoryii/ is anddiesog with THS /w eelfxr ot T4 h(sit tsuj lstle het lab if HST si omarnl dnotโ€™ kcceh T4 utb fi STH is onrmabl,a check T4 .)oot HST tโ€™nwas an nioopt os T4 si eht tseb wensra.

hello  I nd'ot egt ywh sith asw +2  
maxillarythirdmolar  To etak it a teps ruefr,th janGlo ntoiesmn ttha eethr era a yrdmia of gsnhit gciltanicru in eth b,ydo noetf ni a :12 itaro of nrdo,e:eubf so ni ttsesa ilke hits uyo ludco alylactu ese uprotisind fo shit irota sa eth doyb asitnnima its eellv of efre ehmnoro tbu uetrrfh esanercsi sti lvlee of dnuob oheonrm. Gjanol losa notsimne ttah 'dyou see eht optposei cfetef ni eth epsnecer fo iorsestd nad rnphoitec dyemr.noss oS you duolc ese reasceded taolt 4T utb nlraom free T4 cbeeaus the bonud notmsau og o.wnd +  

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