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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#2 (reveal difficulty score)
A 6-month-old girl is brought to the ...
GM2 ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—imaginarybanana(30),
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od'nt be a ?dcik ton rlaeyl usre atwh reom teehr is to t.i hTe atntipe o'ndste avhe nay eotrh myalfi os this manow hslduo eb noisdedrec yflmia

submitted by โˆ—seagull(1911),
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! I tahe eseth ithw a bnugnri g*ni**F nio.sasp bsTuhm up fi ouy ergea

mcl  nmeA oebrrth +2  
praderwilli  eyrvE rignm:no "I tnhik li'l go vreo lgocynge egoarst ,dassiese osmllyaso atorgse ss,eeisda nda mliyipiddsase featr nstqueiso isht tv .e afEr"n oneoy r narofno:et aNh +40  
mcl  ho ym dgo are yuo em +2  
praderwilli  I retlyecn onfdu a arrmogp adellc Pei.zxoir t'sI rytpet mhcu kScthye for oibmec.h Whis I deevsorcdi it eorosn zcu it sah edlphe rof a tlo fo eth ualnfpi ightsn elki ihs!t +7  
burak  yhrCer rde tspo byclisaal masen a-nmniickpen ro tya ahs.cs wTo sfdefrnciee etewebn 1i: s- No MSH in yaT saSh,c SMH in -m2- ie.nknnpiac htBo fo tmeh hsa cuslme essaewkn tub ethre si xerrpfhaeyile in yaT cshaS, utb erilaaexf ni nenimna kcpi nIes ie.dsa tems lcel MSH si not dsdrbecei dan lfyhiexreeapr t.edno +5  
abhishek021196  ahWt is ?HMS +1  
mysticsoul  SMH - ntCSeply.eHlhe eyaMpgoraor red ptsos knhit fo Ty a acsS,h tcdfeniei yeeznm - XoadiiessenmaH ,A tlaauemducc ttasebrus 2MG dlNniigPkancoaiimes.g -ne - eog,eSamnniyslpi ilmipngoeySn ;t-l& cwhhi si nto neev a cio.F8c1eAh gP 88 +2  
lakshmi  iyrDt EUSLM hsa na elirdecinb eivdo htta easkm hetes reusp esya ot +3  
djeffs1  ai@lkhms iLnk? +1  
drdoom  fdj@1fes acoUhpN.tdtvsubyt.G7=?/8wt:uueE/mK_co/wwkhw +1  

submitted by โˆ—usmleuser007(460),
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)1 Vrye npatitorm to noet hatt y-hSascTa eeadssi ash remo tsenvisie arslett m)oro( rexfel ni naentsoe ithw cseneadir daeh uc.cfeecerimrn

)2 aFryb seseadi = detn to evha aauiiu-vdosl cftsdee wo/ ielvr vnvoileemtn

)3 n-naimNpekic eiadses = iaanme a;&mp aihotnpyo iwht rxeifalea

submitted by โˆ—isaacyo94(13),
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obNyod hsa etmenndoi teh rpuse hhig yidle tmirdeyd v.i.ed.o steeh cinsmonem vhea evads me escotusnl In hist caes, "a AGGN of 6 lsaml "swje elphs me rbeemerm taht yaacixs-T)(Shs si a icycnfedie in the yzmnee nEHsdsamXeiioa A si(x), has na eiscerna ni M2G AGiGdoeilN,s adn 'todens ensetpr thiw aeooapmltsepylheng (ma).sll


madamestep  oww nahkt yuo ttha asw so llehfup! +  

submitted by โˆ—mcl(667),
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tniPaet smto lkyile sha TcyasSha- i.eedssa Tish eiufgr ynilec sshow hte imahlicceob whtpa.ay ealclR atth tobh aaScs-Thy adn nnNiaem kiPc ieaedss sertenp wiht a errcyh dre pots on fducsoyop,n tbu yaT ahSsc clask eht nlmolapteosepygahe esne ni N.P

hungrybox  nMa ihts si uhcs a icen iuergf xteecp it od'tesn veah ebrKab seeadis (: +1  
mcl  erseH' naherot one iwht Kb!areb ass o-sdf//gc0nz.e et1/eosdhli/ ymtj:an/e/m1sts2r:ueitgoaoe-i)poey/pd-npclo-m0wdte-coesp.7secltnpsea m +8  
hungrybox  tnkha u +3  

submitted by โˆ—basic_pathology(24),
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inceS eyht ohbt aevh rrdrh-eyec ptoss, otw syea aswy ot aeertfeniitfd eteewnb sSTahc-ya )(TS and aNninem kPci :NP)(

1()silnl/rveepe: T:S roalnm ; N:P lerga

)2( age: S:T ;t&6l n;mtohs P:N dehsehdcleodc/nloaioc

usnoB: it tskae tmie edlr(o ega in N)P ot elpdevo ghoplmyntleeaaosep (SHM ni PN)

submitted by awabnaeim(0),
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I thkni teh aeedxgrtaeg stletar in yta hcssa si laytcual edu to het sysehuipa,cr thsi is otmieennd ni sitrf ida

submitted by swandy(3),
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raGet uergfi itwh lla teh olslsmoya togresa seadses!i

submitted by โˆ—burak(71),
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Crrehy erd tops lbicaysal msean nnip-mknceia ro ayt c.hass Tow ceffseirden teweenb :si 1- oN SHM in Tya hsc,aS SHM ni km-icina.ennp 2- ohtB fo tmhe sha luecms kaessenw tub hteer si xleyehprareif ni aTy chsa,S btu aefxerail ni niaennm pick isa.edse In tmse clel MHS is otn eirdcsdeb dna leepaxyfrhrei tn.edo

burak  i ane,m nv+retyuphfcsleyehaxi+esriesiespiar rttslae +2  

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