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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 4/Question#20 (reveal difficulty score)
A 7-month-old boy is brought to the physician ...
46,XY πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—mcl(640),
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submitted by βˆ—hungrybox(1171),
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fI yuo tlef lyoaltt tslo ilek em, whatc eht idoev trifs ta ,x2 nhet kcceh tuo eht tmtobo gruefi on pg. 068 ni FA 91.02

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  2. Tihs pt ash stsete tg;&= eh tusm heva teh YRS geen no hte Y choesormom
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  2. sihT eaitptn dha nalrom i.aealntig If hsti titnpea dah melalrs laetngaii nath rnola,m that wdlou be a tefcde in tahw ezmye?n
ergogenic22  I like to work backwards. 1) patient has normal testicles on histology, normal appearing penis this must mean a Y chromosome is present, as testis determining factor is on the y chromosome (see above post point #2). I.e. you can eliminate choice A and B. Theoretically, 47XY and 47XYY could also present with female genitalia due to lack of MIF, but normal 46XY is more common +13  

submitted by βˆ—hungrybox(1171),
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  1. Sreloti r(Stelio uhtSs dwon, MIF si scdertee by oetSirl cles)l
  2. l-5haap dstaeceur
lovebug  5-alpha reductase is due te that DHT is important for male external genitalia? +  

submitted by βˆ—d_holles(209),
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iths si a scicals rsoeiincptd fo ttriepsnes iaMunrell cudt rmsnoyed


deu to clak fo IFM nm(toatiu ni the eeng ahtt smaek MFI) β†’ siseepnrcet of hte ulaeiMrnl cudt β†’ ruutse dna ailaflopn bute tnsepre in a YX lmea /w etsset llcty(iypa )dochrp.tycir

submitted by βˆ—drachenx(66),
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seBueca ihs lettsisec aer ,ndnesuedced hsi eisrtlo lclse rae loabrpby tno nokwrig pper,olyr nda otefheerr not synheisntgiz FIM l.ccetrryo chihW is hwy ish nrnteali fmeale analtigei si elodwal to leeeopvd ni a dfaletu tt.segni

submitted by gabstep(14),
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'Im nhnikitg sthi is ceerseadd vesell of rteulnMiailna- eo?mhron ihTs is wath lluyaus shitibin het ppecaiarmshreno tucd mlitu(ltaye eopvldse inot nnitrael femela eaiagtiln) in sela.m A iaepntt anc be YX nad ilstl veha sedraedec

gabstep  FA 2019 pg 608 +  

submitted by readit(16),
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diodAnti ot sn'bgoHyxru x:nenaaoitpl

hWy s'ti ont X:X4,Y7

Thsi udwlo eb fgrrrneie ot Klnseierl',eft hihcw is irdcaheczerta yb m,alls poolry nuticingfon ssilectet.

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readit  More specifically, in Klinefelter's, you would see "hyaline seminiferous tubules/sertoli cells" on histology +3  
pg32  Thanks! Where did you get the histologic description from? +1  

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