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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#6 (reveal difficulty score)
A normal-appearing 17-year-old girl has never ...
Androgen insensitivity syndrome 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by lsmarshall(445),
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submitted by ergogenic22(378),
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submitted by basic_pathology(14),
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submitted by hyperfukus(103),
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covid2019  I'm confused that they said she appeared "normal". I thought AIS would mean the patient has very scant pubic hair / underarm hair. Wouldn't this be abnormal in a 17 year old? Should have Tanner stage 5 hair.... +2  
mumenrider4ever  FA2020 (pg. 639) describes AIS as "Defect in androgen receptor resulting in normal-appearing female (46,XY DSD)" so I assume they're talking about general outwards appearance +2  
lola915  You do get breasts because patient has build up of testosterone that is aromatized into estrogen. No axillary or pubic hair because that requires testosterone. +1  
lovebug  THX. SEE AIS (FA19 pg,625) +1  

submitted by nerdy nik(9),
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submitted by soph(78),
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turtlepenlight  This makes sense, but I was thrown off by the "normal-appearing" b/c wouldn't AIS pts not have pubic hair? +1  
drzed  They just say it's a normal appearing 17 year old girl; not that the external genitalia are normal appearing. +2  
teepot123  fa 19 pg 625 +1  
macroorchidism  Yeah the "normal" look was referring strictly to appearance (body + genitalia) not secondary characteristics. I was also between AIS and Turner (because I didn't know chromatin-negative meant at the time), so another thing that helped me was I recently found that Turner syndrome patients are actually NOT completely infertile (they have like a 2% chance to fertilize). That helps me remember the internal female structures are there, I just picture them more as "empty." +1  

submitted by nosancuck(93),
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hWy !t?a?d?

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meningitis  The above explanation is correct (disregarding the hard to read and unprofessional dialect) but just in case anyone was wondering: chromatin-negative= Just a quick way of knowing it was a boy. The term applies to the nuclei of cells in normal males as well as those in individuals with certain chromosomal abnormalities +17  
yotsubato  Turner syndrome patients are also chromatin negative as well though.... +6  
sympathetikey  I didn't know a complication post-meningitis was lack of humor. +6  
sympathetikey  Ah, didn't read the last line. Yeah, that is taking it a bit far +32  
niboonsh  yall are haters. this is the first explanation that has ever made sense to me +7  
arkmoses Interesting syndrome watching this helped me to put it into real life perspective, interesting points they have no pubic hair/body hair, they apparently also dont smell, and breast size is usually increased... +2  
whoissaad  How does chormatin-negative indicate a normal cell? Isn't chormatin just condensed DNA? +2  
cienfuegos  According to this paper most individuals with Turner Syndrome are chromatin negative: "One of the initial laboratory procedures used to confirm or rule out this diagnosis involves a sex chromatin determination from a buccal smear. Cells from the lining of the mouth are stained for the presence or absence of X-chromatin or Barr bodies, which represent a portion of an inactivated X chromosome. The typical Turner’s syndrome patient, who has 45 chromosomes and only one sex chromosome (an X), has no Barr bodies and is, therefore, X-chromatin negative. This abnormal X-chromatin negative finding in the majority of Turner’s syndrome females is similar to the result found in a normal male, who also has only one X chromosome, and differs from the X-chromatin positive condition observed in the normal female, who has two X chromosomes. Occasionally, the patient with features of Turner’s syndrome is found to be X-chromatin positive." +2  
hyperfukus  i really hate haters this is awesome! +2  
selectuw  to add to the above, free testosterone is aromatized to estrogen leading to breast development +1  
misrao  Is the free testosterone not creating male internal or external gentalia because of the defect in androgen receptors? +1  

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