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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#1 (reveal difficulty score)
A 24-year-old woman with sickle cell disease ...
Serum parvovirus B19 IgM antibody test πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—keycompany(343),
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gnotrNie naebalc si a aesreetnumm fo poirnet lseoamitbm in teh byd.o A angveeti erntnogi blneaac iaedctnis lmscue ,ossl as acreiedns sumtona of mnoia icsda rea binge toiemzeldab to redcupo ee.ynrg hsiT caesreisn eht uotman fo rnoeitgn edercest omrf hte yobd. eecaBus eth atomun of trinogne uyo rea kinagt ni is ssel than eht matnuo fo gnnrioet yuo era scrtenieg, uoy hvae a gnaeivte inngrote aabecnl.

Thsi amn si ieradlosuhnm, utoeedsam, cchtea,ci nad has ammnpyb.elihiuoa ehTes iclnacil nignfsdi nopti to tnipero niltonrtumai woisr(Kkaha ss)Daeie, chwhi seuacs daeme deu ot dsaeederc semru icnotoc r.spereus owL nctocio sersrupe in stih sace is deu to niporet ss,ol dna eench a veeiatgn irentgno aalcbe.n

submitted by βˆ—jo(29),
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aroPv sfeitnc CBR oprusrsrce in the romwar hihcw nac suaec iaaptslc sicisr in licsek elcl tsn.aepit

jo  Infection of precursors halt RBC maturation which leads to giant pronormoblasts with intranuclear viral inclusions in the periphery (UWorld) +16  

submitted by βˆ—temmy(144),
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alHthye peolpe ohw etg ciks with rospavvuri yma vhae a slinabicluc eilnlss tihw agaahtilsr as teh ynlo ytpsom.m But slkeci lcel tneipats adn tsnpatei ithw dssecraee ehaemiotiosps lwil elovped[ enob oamrrw faurlei ubeaces eth vusir cfeaft eth oipaemhtteoic tmse clesl agneidl to capsalit escrsi dan layiibtin rof teh onbe rrwoma to qyautdleea enepotcams henec the wol cltueictyeor uv.snitv rcoraoup lps.aecssadpe.u skchee in skd i dpsohyr elfasit ni es,fut aalstipc esircs ni elkcsi ecll nda alrarsgtahi ni rteho s.tepinta

henoch280  thanks. very helpful +1  

submitted by βˆ—spow(44),
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oT go hghturo eth ohrte ar:snews
A dan )C If hes hda omes rtos fo lhmicetyo iaaenm aucdes by iatsodnieb ..i(e vieospti osobCm tte)s or ehs ahd hoesmy,sil ehr eccriuetylto uctno ldwou be v edlaeBte) No dnee ot od a rrsseoceph,oleti uyo nkwo she sah ikecsl ) ellEc eSh has na aldeevte CM,V so seh na'tc ehav nydicoeer-icnif niaame

submitted by βˆ—unknown001(1),

low retic count= marrow not working .

what can explain this ? parvo virus affecting the hematopoetic stem cells , hence the low retic count,

think of the low retic count of giving a picture of a failing marrow

submitted by βˆ—forkyeaa(1),
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wyh si the MVC laeteved ni thsi tqiunsoe ehnw ti's pudspeos ot be ocmrcytion nno omliehcty siaacptl ?minaea

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