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NBME p2ck_fr Answers

step2ck_free120/Block 3/Question#85 (reveal difficulty score)
A 9-month-old boy is brought to the office by ...
Skeletal survey 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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carolebaskin on Axillary-subclavian venous thrombosis
mmizell on S1 radiculopathy
benwhite_dotcom on Discuss the family’s goals for the patient
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submitted by anonmedstudent(3),
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submitted by osler_weber_rendu(135),
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Enev if ere'w gnsitsepuc ueab,s the nrewsa lshodu eb ot conctat idlch ercviptote sescveri. h aWt if the sarbeu odes ton hit hte idl?hc Cna be aebsu wtih a neg ketaslle esuyvr wayayn

len49  Pick the best answer of the choices, not necessarily what you would do in real life. +  
drdoom  @len49 Sure, but in that case you’re not saying much about /why/ “Skeletal survey” is the best answer choice from the NBME-frame-of-mind. Can you elaborate? +  
drdoom  @osler My guess is that a skeletal survey is what “clinches” evidence of ongoing abuse, since skeletal surveys can reveal bone and tissue injury at /varying (time) stages of healing/, which is the kind of evidence CPS is going to need to establish a PATTERN of abuse and discredit claims like “this was just a one-time ‘accident’.” +  

submitted by dnazmzm(2),
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I thtoguh hte bayb aws ebnitt yb draizl tenh I dtdni' knwo awth rseamchaocySc eeaeciisvr ,aws os I gthutho ti wsa mighesnot edralet to a riazld !ol!l! oot i?tvaegnamii

charcot_bouchard  DO NOT PICK SOMETHING U NEVER HEARD OF. Unless u absolutely sure that none of others are not the answer +  

submitted by benwhite_dotcom(654),
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I hkitn hte snoidtprice erhe is a lleitt ,dod but t’yheer tgseuisgng hsr’ete ivcneeed of eyllra iresuos insagkpn. hneerWve teh trosy ndots’e keam neses or ehtre ear nya ccengrnion salhcyip xmae nsn,gdfii it si itacclri ot rowk up rof nnlacnitceaod taau.rm

submitted by charcot_bouchard(522),
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submitted by shaz464(1),
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