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NBME 15 Answers

nbme15/Block 2/Question#22 (reveal difficulty score)
A 72-year-old man with poorly controlled ...
Decreased femoral pulses πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—burak(64),
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ealuPrl aMcsdlc:pcveiiarau eli:n 8t-h6 i llxrbsaiyiradM l:nei 0-8h1t vilr sraberberPtaa ienl: d0n12-1 srbi

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wU ensutiqo D:I 844

submitted by βˆ—cassdawg(1698),
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submitted by βˆ—imgdoc(161),
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Tihs si an ndilaobam tcorai rusyaemn hhicw ruue,rpdt nddevciee :by tsp,yoniheno tpalseilu lnaiaombd as,ms eht rggniuda nad tigydiir ni eht eliiclapurbim rgnio.e (ataomPh epga 70, AF 1280 gaep 92)8 onaliAtddi gdnsfini loudw cdlunei sddecerea flamore elups.s

-A inPteta si evyyeml/votieppooi,hscnh uoy pobbryal 'tnwo ees mlnaor n,ealk nda liabahcr nsd.icei

B - itrcoA oritrtanuigeg si enes ni cothairc itcrao nmssruyae srdyonaec ot ysih,islp ro ytscic ielamd idgenoaetenr in hsernml'sarfae/ o.ladsn luCod sola be edu to ioatcr rtoo daotianitl mofr oaictr .csesndoiit

C/D - hbot are nese lyclsalcsia in tcioar s.sdceoitin

imgdoc  Pathoma 2016 edition* +  
fatboyslim  ^^ I think you mean C/D are seen classically in aortic coarctation? +  

submitted by βˆ—prostar(22),
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ytrmAmscie ralaid dlo/pelbous usrperes adignres ghhrie ni left UE tnah ni trhig - otbh maen hte easm hngit e esn ni oritcA isesnidtoc

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