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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 2/Question#41 (reveal difficulty score)
A 56-year-old man who is admitted to the ...
Determine whether the patient has decision-making capacity πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—seagull(1788),
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submitted by βˆ—m-ice(365),
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nmytooAu is het stom ttniarpmo ctesih ppincreli ttha essuersedp lal .tesroh ev,wrHeo ti is leidppa lnyo ni tiuotsinas ni chwih a aptenti smasnodtrtee dmoag-nikiinsce In stih sa,niutito a napetit iwht dnaveacd iaseeds lunkeyil ot be rdceu is isfunrge eamttr,net hiwch si shi itrhg uredn teh lnpricipe of .aomutony oeerw,Hv ish nsomtemc uabto nu"rtngire ni 6 hmnsto erfta uirgnc tshtari"ri ear eela,butoiqsn dna twnraar ntedrenmigi fi eh sha ceniidos gimnak yp.acicat tI is osbplsei ttha he ed,os icwhh is yhw any oceishc of fgcorin htrferu ternmtate no mhi era ort.icecrn

hungrybox  These ethics questions seems so simple and yet somehow I always get them wrong. I guess deep down I'm just a scumbag. +18  
mutteringly  Hey there's always dental school +4  
hungrybox  legit made me lol, thanks for that +1  
jurrutia  Also, the patient is delusional! He thinks he's going to cure arthritis. You don't have decision making capacity when you're crazy. +  

submitted by βˆ—marypoppins(1),
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yhW ca'nt ti be coheic ?E I dsmaesu the ntpeait hda irp.blao

submitted by βˆ—beetbox(5),
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nCa seeomon eplaxni ermo on how ot etackl eesth pesyt fo tsqisunoe? I skcu ta teehs estqsioun rof oT ,me eh udsnoed etrypt eans and brleaasone (sode nto swih ot wates rteho ese'popl mny.o)e erSu eh tgmhi eb enudr htglsi isresndeop gugdinj ohw eh has a iltaremn illenss nda his ttstmeean on hwo ydobon crsae for tBu neluss eh is henrtioecn or yigladpins imcagla t,hniikng sisng of ssol of mmeyro .,cet ywh duhlos he eb adalteevu on iiskdeamnoignc- ia?ypcatc

drdoom  in medical parlance, you can be so depressed that you're actually cognitively impaired. this is known as pseudodementia. thus, you need to figure out: β€œis this guy so depressed we can deem him incompetent to make decisions?” +  
rockodude  he says he has an invention to cure arthritis in 6 months he'll be back.. not normal imo. at least for this question thats the line that made me think does this person have capacity +  

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