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NBME 18 Answers

nbme18/Block 2/Question#6 (reveal difficulty score)
A 17-year-old boy is brought to the physician ...
"Tell me more about your concerns about your son's height." 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by azibird(228),
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haWt is gngio on ?rhee eTh rhtoem si ont het epta,nit wyh ear ew prginlxoe hsti frehutr ehwn het osn is pymotelelc lrn?moa I gte ti thta ew dlouw ays iths fi the tnpetai erwe ncn,dceroe btu 'esh nto and s'he larnmo so hwy odn't we stuj etll rhe taht eyhnegrtvi si almo?nr lxgoiprEn etrrufh lliw obrpyalb keam eht aetpnti lfee .oswre

drdoom  Another way to read the stem is like this: “Assume you will make a statement that assures mom that boy is fine. What other statement do you want to make?” Since we’re *already* assuring mom, the best next thing is to ask an open-ended question. There’s a reason for this. As a physician, you really don’t want to say more than what you are (1) sure of or (2) obliged to. “Accept him as he is” = judgy. “He’s not going to get any taller” = you don’t know this for sure. +5  
cbreland  I had it down between the correct answer and "your son is average". Picked the wrong one. As stated by @drdoom, the stem says you have already reassured that everything is fine. It would be a good time to get extra info from mom instead of say the same thing over again. Really the question gave us the answer (I still picked wrong, but we'll do better on test day!) +2  

submitted by drdoom(1116),
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pndigesRon to iizras@db’ mtmonec:

Anrteoh wya ot ader eth emts si klie i:tsh “Ausems you wlli aemk a santtetem tath sasurse omm ttha ybo si infe. aWth erhot etstnmeta od uyo tanw to m?ke”a

nScie rw’ee aey*dral* rsgnsuia mo,m eht esbt xnte inhtg is ot ksa an oe-dendpne t.ioquens rehe’Ts a neaors rfo sith. As a aiiyschp,n uyo lalery tond’ tnwa ot ays more ahnt whta oyu rea 1)( rseu of ro )(2 oebdgil t.o

ptcec“A imh as he i”s = dyu.gj

Hse’“ otn gnigo to teg nya telrl”a = uoy nod’t nwko sith fro .resu

submitted by amandlima12(1),
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asawyl aks eht ntiptae ll"te me orm"e thsta’ allusyu syalaw eht rawnse to dgisrsnead ptnetsia ns.occnre

submitted by agraham416(3),
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I imitneadel htsi waesnr aceesbu the mtrheo raeadyl atsetd hre csconenr, which was ttha 'ehs rrtohes nath hte shftrae' tgehih adn touba imh nto vnhiag a tghowr tprsu. Is that ont a ec?nnrco

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