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free120/Block 0/Question#10 (reveal difficulty score)
A 22-year-old woman comes to the office ...
CD28 on T lymphocytes ⟶ CD80 on epidermal Langerhans cells πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by fullmetalapathist(7),
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DC80 is osal wnnok sa B.7 tesinQuo si snikga if yuo kwon taht 82CD (l)ecsTl- nsttcaier twih 7B )P(AC as a aryist-ulmcoto anlgis to aiettcva het eT-.cll

kLoso klei eht itcpreu si entmaingtorsd nttcaco rtismeidta ued( ot reh ncetre use of new arhi )eyd hcwih si a pyet VI SHR

I uluayls rrembeme htat B-7 is no hte Blc-el n(a A)CP

melchior  Reminder: CTLA-4 on T-cells also binds to B-7, and the effect is opposite that of CD28 (inhibits T cell activation) FA 2020 pg 222 +1  
mmizell  CD40L on T lymphocytes-> to CD40 on Langerhans cells is true association but doesn't answer the question because its co-stimulation induces B cell proliferation, not T cell proliferation. +3  

submitted by βˆ—aaftabsethi1(8),
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anC aoenyn letl who a hiar dye tefedafc reh raroemf ?

vetafig692  lmao good question! +1  
chaosawaits  if you're asking that question, you're not ready to see what the pubic region looks like now +  

submitted by βˆ—an1(92),
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isyHotr nda agime ear a tepy 4 RH.S Tshi is T ellc de.niucd C0L d4 ;-&t-g 4dC0 is T llec &t-g-; B lDCl2c8 e (on T lecl) -tg-;& inbsd to APCs' dluicnig(n gaLasrennh cl)e;sl CD/80 86/ 7B

psnoOit htiw AM,IC I dilmeyeitam sdcseor uto esabuec y'theer sacadetiso whit aimrgiatnon and ilonr,gl .cet D4C5 ntis' imnenetdo ni rdaesrg to T llsce or( rwhenaye I timhg d)ad. inevgLa us htwi eth 2 snoitpo I nondieemt eboav ^

submitted by βˆ—meryen13(36),
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os eapg 013 on AF 2002 sa neyreveo lsee a.isd teh ayw I beemmrre si :7B nda 8/D80C6 haev ehert untcisceove bsuremn -gt&-; 876! o nw sgin ;--t&g 8"76 nidb 2 "I8 ownk eth mnsrebu aer emxdi pu utb at stlae it slhpe em leru tou anrswe cico.she

submitted by βˆ—handsome(4),
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AF 2020 pg 10 3 t'seerh a rdgimaa wrehe oyu anc see innibgd fo 7B onritpe (CD)688/0 D8C--2- as artp fo T clel vaitt.cnaoi

Lhgsonaa Nree:tn secll L(Cs) era a dzlsicaieep ustebs fo iirtecdnd elcls DCs() atht oaulpept het aerledipm rayle of het knsi.

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